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     MossCreek Designs is a log home architecture firm that is becoming well known throughout the US for their unique ability to combine the rich beauty of hand-crafted log homes with the advantages of a milled log home. The result is a group of designers that understand the vast variety of styles and construction techniques used to create the beautiful log homes that are America's heritage. MossCreek has drawn upon a variety of historical styles to create a collection that spans our great American landscape.


Hemlock Model

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Aspen-2353 Sq Ft

aspen.JPG (508444 bytes)

Dogwood-2777 Sq Ft

dogwood.JPG (496274 bytes)




Cottonwood-3249 Sq Ft

cottonwood.JPG (389839 bytes)

Basswood-5222 Sq Ft

basswood.JPG (475449 bytes)

Evergreen-3672 Sq Ft


evergreen.JPG (448756 bytes)


Hemlock-4707 Sq Ft


hemlock.JPG (540786 bytes)

Ironwood-5047 Sq Ft

ironwood.JPG (519124 bytes)